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Pointless Zombie Movie

Yeah, I just watched most of this flick (I came in about half an hour into it) because it was on the SciFi channel and I've been whacked by cold medicine all day. I pretty much agree with the review, though it didn't say anything about the "WTF? Was that?" dud of an ending. I generally don't like zombie movies -- though there is something interesting in the way there's been a big run on them in the past few years; more liberal projection?* -- and I think Clive Barker** is overrated(I tried to get through Weaveworld, but after a promising beginning it got bogged down in the middle and then rushed up to an ending that was both chaotic and anticlimactic). But whoever actually wrote and directed the movie could at least have made sure that the non-zombie characters at least behave in ways somewhat congruent with actual human nature. (For example: when the characters are just about to be able to escape, the movie has one of the female characters decide to run back into the nest of murderous zombie kids so they can steal their guns and kill them all. That's one of the the clumsiest block-all-escape segues that I've ever seen.)

*If you want to see a zombie/demon/mutant creature in real life try saying something favorable -- or even neutral -- about President Bush to your liberal friends. Then sit back and enjoy the green-pea-soup spewing, head-spinning levitation, and blank angry-zombie glares.

**Apparently just a producer, but he lent his name to this project, so he gets at least part of the blame.

Update: oh, reality, you shouldn't follow my thoughts so closely. See what I mean? When are these people going to quit merely having bizarre seizures and go into full-on brain-eating mode? (Via Kathy Shaidle.)

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