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One of seven

Call me Sneezy... I am really regretting my decision not to pick up a bottle of Nyquil, because I'm at that stage of my cold where I really need to shove a pipe cleaner -- or maybe a bottle brush -- up my sinuses. And my left eye is watering almost continuously. It's all about the 10% alcohol, bay-bee.

Then again, I do have some wine in the fridge. I could toss down a couple of antihistamines with a glassful...

"Breaking News: Florida Woman Found Comatose Face Down In Cat Litter Box."

Or maybe not.


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try a netti pot. Much better than a pipe cleaner. (Though you will swear you are going to drown the first time you use one.... just follow the directions and breath through you mouth.)

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ooo, benadryl & alcohol...one of my favorite combinations! Well, used to be. It's ok if ya don't have a toddler, & ya DO have a coupla days for recuperation. Yep, them was the days. Thankfully, not having much contact with the public (schoolchildren), I haven't had a rip-roarer of a cold in a very long time. And my allergies respond nicely to claratin.

If I could just find something that worked as good as booze for arthritis, I'd be a happy girl. My toes, fingers & hip are very unhappy today...but at least I'm not snottin' all over ! My sympathies, Andrea, hope you feel better by now.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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