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Long Dark Night of the Clowns

The shock of the secular elite over the idea that Christian saints -- and any other members of that faith -- can ever feel doubt or pain is based, I am sure, on the common misconception that religious faith is kind of a cure-all for life's problems. Most of us -- whether we are Catholic, Protestant, or neither -- have bought into the idea that if you proclaim yourself to be a Christian then that means you should always be a grinning maniac of good cheer, or you're a hypocrite. Even atheists believe this -- witness Christopher Hitchens' gleeful "I told you so." A lot of Christians seem to believe this as well, unfortunately -- their clownlike turned-up-to-eleven happiness has certainly turned me off going to their giant video churches.

The idea that believing in God won't make everything "all right" in our personal lives strikes right to the heart of our belief in our own ability to conquer nature. Too many people approach God as if believing in Him will make Him our buddy -- "Me 'n' God, Best Friends Forever!" Then the light bill comes, or the car breaks down, and you're wondering why life still sucks. "But I prayed and everything!" It doesn't work that way -- God, if He exists, surely isn't a being on the level of a teenage crush or a sugar daddy.

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Being an "OTHER" (I think agnostic fits, but don't care enough to find out more about it), I was told by someone I respect that "G-d will do for me what I can't do for myself...but G-d WON'T do for me whatever I CAN do for myself." She'd shake her fingers at me & say "THESE are the only hands G-d has." Some things are out of my control & I have no power over them - like the car breaking down - unless I do no maintenance? The light bill is not a surprise, nor is it a punishment from the Creator. I take care of the things I can & I'm not too proud to ask for help if I need it. AND I'm not too proud to accept help when it's offered.

If I can question my beliefs (& I do), of course those who are saints & other believers can question theirs. I would expect that of any thinking human, wouldn't you? It's not hypocrisy, it's growth. In my (seldom) humble opinion, of course.

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