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Boring stuff

Well, I just filed my unemployment claim. It will take weeks for any benefits -- I'll probably have a job by then. I hope.

My current, tentative plans are to get a job in Florida for now, and slowly work towards my eventual move out of here. I have until May to do that (well -- March -- I have to let them know 60 days ahead of time whether I'm re-signing the lease or not -- but May to actually have somewhere to go).

In other news, I can't figure out if they merged my last paycheck with my severance. From my primitive figuring I don't think they did. But there was no paycheck in the mail, so who knows. In any case, with all the bills I have to catch up with the money is vanishing like ice on a griddle, so my fun party "severance pay vacation" isn't going to last very long.

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You've got your own unique brand of hell there. Too many things all screwed up at the same time. Take a deep breath or three. Prioritize. Kick ass. You'll climb out of it, slowly, surely, and surly.

New job? Nashville area still growing like crazy. Lots of job opps. Cool town too - always something to do.

Heh -- I'm just going through all the panics now that I didn't back when the Date (of my last day on the job) was still in the future. Everyone else due to be laid off sat around and worried -- not me!

I'm not too worried about finding a job, though. If worse comes to worse, there's a McDonalds up the street.

Nashville seemed nice when I went through it last. (Didn't stop -- I was driving to Kentucky; long story.) But I'm looking further west -- on the other hand, a lot depends on circumstances. If someone offers me a good job there, I'll go. Anything's better than Florida.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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