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When you lie down with dogs...

Saying something horribly wrong is not brave, it is simply being horribly wrong. Evil, even. It's nice to see that this Neil Clark person has even ticked off the anti-war contingent, if the comments to his post are any indication. If you wondered what anti-Iraq-war position could be too revolting for most of the crew against the war, here's an example. Then again, peace babies, did you think that your movement could be free of extremist freaks? You're always slamming us "warmongers" for really being closet Nazis because of the occasional kill-'em-all bigot sputtering about "sand niggers," so don't be surprised when you're judged by the worst among you.

(Via LGF, and a lot of other blogs. Oh, and speaking of "stupid blog names," WTF is "comment is free"? That sounds dorky -- or as the British say, twee -- as hell. And it makes no sense. Comment is free? Don't they mean commentary is free? Commenting is free? It's not even good grammar.)

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the writer claims that the Captain's Quarters blog is so named because of Star Trek

Maybe they have Captain Ed confused with Stephen Den Beste?

Well, he actually does say in his "about" that he called the blog Captain's Quarters" because he was a Star Trek fan -- I didn't see that link at first, so I changed my blog entry.

What I don't understand is why this is such a no-no to this Mr. Blackwell of the blog name fashion world, and why it's so much cooler to name your blog after a Morrissey album. All that means is that both blogs show the relative age and/or interests of their writers.

so I changed my blog entry.

And I think you must have been doing that when I was commenting.

And I don't think anyone writing at a place called "Slate" is entitled to snark about what other people call their sites.

Oh, I don't think there is anything wrong with "Slate." I guess they meant is like a slate to write on, or something. Then again, who knows. What I don't understand about the article is what is wrong with any of the blog names so dissed. I could pick out many blogs with much sillier names. ("Firedoglake"? WTF?) I notice that most, though not all, the blogs he snarked about were "right wing" blogs, while most, though not all, blogs he approved of were "left wing."

In any case, the article was a waste of bytes. There are thousands -- by this time probably millions -- of blogs out there, and surely some of them must deserve more of this negative attention than the usual crew. It's easy to throw another dart at the big boys.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. What I mean is it's easy to talk about the same small group of political blogs that everyone else talks about. And also, the writer's likes and dislikes seem too idiosyncratic to resonate with many other people. For every reader nodding his head with agreement that "Rightwing Nuthouse" is a silly name for a blog, there are probably ten people wondering what the big deal is -- that sounds like kind of a clever name. As well, I don't get why he doesn't like the name of the blog "the Superficial." It's not like that blog pretends to be something other than what it is.

Well, speaking as someone who has had blogs named "blogoSFERICS" and "Yippee-Ki-Yay!", I think "Slate" is a silly name.

So there.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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