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Stupid young human tricks

Could someone explain this trend to me -- which I have noticed building for some years now, first in the fashion-forward ethnic thug community, and now (several just rolled past the window) apparently it has spread to the young, white, and dumb community: full (or at least mostly) grown young males on tiny little kid bikes? At first -- back when it was black or Hispanic thugs (BTW, you are a thug if you dress in thug-wear -- I don't care if you just got offered a scholarship to Harvard) doing it I thought they had just stolen some little kids' bikes, but I just saw a tribe of white guys roll past, knees up around their white-boy 'fros. (Another peeve: why are today's teens so unimaginative and unoriginal? They all look like the same drips I went to high school with, right down to the faded black t-shirts with "ZOSO" and "Skynyrd" on them, and horrid hair -- either greasy lank locks or gigantic balls of frizz.) Maybe stealing kiddie bikes and riding them in public where girls can see them is the new cool? Don't they realize they look like clowns on those tiny bikes? I don't see how their hard-dude reputations don't suffer when they're wheeling around town like some cracked troop of Shriners. All they need are fezzes.

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Chris Hunt [TypeKey Profile Page]:

On a related note, nothing says DUI like a grown man riding a kid's bike.

That's a lot of DUI's. Then again, in this town I'd believe it.

cardeblu [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh, at least they're quiet. Do you have the high-pitched buzzing, tiny motorcycles there as well? I think they're called pocket bikes. They seem smaller than mini-bikes. Anyway, there are a couple that go by here at least 4 times a night just about every night so far this summer. As ridiculous looking as it is annoyingly loud.

I think I've heard those. We also used to have those motorized scooters -- I haven't seen them around lately, maybe some kid did a skidder under a bus and they were banned.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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