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On the road again

Well, here I am at Panera. Where they have free wireless, but a marked absense of sufficient plugs, so I'm dependent upon my battery -- which has about an hour and a half of life left. Not bad -- I have lots of catching up to do but I doubt it will take me an hour and a half. This place is somewhat quieter than most din-filled eating places in Central Florida, or at least instead of the usual shrill pop they play classical music, but it's still an echoing cave full of the clatter from the kitchen and the whining of children. (All restaurants have at least two whining children installed by state statute.) I can't wait until I have my own internet connection back -- I may try to get the date moved up a bit.

Now now. Self control. There is still the electricity to pay.

Which I am still short of sufficient funds to do, by the way, so if you have some stray dollars or cents lying around... hint hint.

My depression has lifted somewhat. This means the desperation to get away right now has abated -- staying until my lease is up no longer seems totally impossible. But that's it -- I'm out of here after that. (Some other state in the union) here I come! I already started the reduction in my belongings, and gave one of my armchairs -- the green velvet one with rattan sides -- to one of my coworkers. The apartment already looks better -- more open, that chair really was just too big for it -- and I'm more reconciled to living there.

I am debating on whether or not to get my hair cut, because it's become an unmanageable mop that in this heat feels like I have a wool blanket wrapped around my head, but I have very little money left (I just paid my rent including late charges -- it's okay, I have one kidney left), so I don't know. Heat stroke... shorter hair.... what a decision.

That's all for right now. I am going to now catch up on reading all the websites that the idiot Websense at work blocks. FYI -- all Typepad and Blogspot sites are blocked under "Social Networking and Personal Sites" so if any of you are having problems reading blogs at work that's why.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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