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Note to all bloggers

More and more websites are being put in Websense's "Social Networking and Personal Websites" filter. Check your blog on Websense to see if it is on this banned list. Mine isn't, fortunately, but a whole lot of sites are, and not just Blogspot sites as I thought yesterday -- unless they are adding them as I surf.

I am sending this from work -- which by the way may be the only way I can get online for a while. I simply can't afford the phone line and the dsl anymore. In a few days it will probably be shut off (I have to look at my last bill), and getting it restarted -- or getting something else set up -- may take a week or more. I do have a McDonald's that supposedly has (not free) wireless up the street, and a Panera with (free) wireless a bus ride away, but I can't go there every day. The coffee shop I used to go to has a new sign on it and it's currently closed. It's going to still be a coffee shop, but who knows if they'll still offer the free wireless they used to offer.

(Yes, things are getting a bit more expensive than I expected. I am on the verge of selling all my stuff and moving into a room, I am so irritated by never having any money. But people around here want as much for a room as rent for an apartment, so that won't work.)

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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