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I have been in the most crushing depression for the past few days (weeks?) but now it seems to be finally lifting. My situation is still unchanged -- I have no money, am going to have my phone turned off, the job situation is weird, etc. -- but I am not looking at my surroundings with unending hatred and wishing I dared pack up the cats and get on a bus for Alaska. I still plan to move out of Florida once my lease is up... but I think I'll stick it out until the lease is up. (Oh -- and I still plan to get rid of a lot of my old, broken-down crap. Momma wants a new couch.)

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You aren't alone in your desire to leave. Friends are leaving steadily, and I will be leaving in the fall. (Not sure where.)

It used to be nice in Florida, warm weather, inexpensive, ... but no more. The weather is still warm, but no one - or very few - seem to be able to afford it anymore.

I used to think this place was somewhat more inexpensive than other parts of the US. Then I realized I had been using as my yardstick places like New York and LA. A few minutes internet research cleared the last of the cobwebs from my eyes, and I am no longer in need of a "cool" place to live. "Cool" locales also seem to be expensive, high-priced places full of pretentious phonies and bad driving. I'm actually thinking of heading for the Midwest somewhere.

Dilys [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I grew up in Florida. Couldn't get out fast enough. Much prefer NC and TX.

Good luck.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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