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Food for thought

Are billboards and other advertisements for food and restaurants and grocery stores that can be seen by Muslims (as well as everyone else) hate crimes if they are not taken down for Ramadan? How about commercials on tv? How about if I stand across the street from a mosque and eat a bag of potato chips?

I can understand prohibiting eating at one's desk in the office for reasons of neatness and decorum (we used to periodically get memos about this at work back when there were more than a handful of us rattling about the place), but to avoid offending some anal-retentive religious person? Christians are always having frankly anti-Christian stuff shoved in their faces 24/7, and if they dare complain, are basically told to put up with it or else. Hell -- Jews are told to put up with a number of them being killed by people who don't like them every year, because fighting back means they're not being nice. You know what? It's time we told the members of the whiniest religion on earth (it starts with "I" doesn't it?) to put up with stuff they don't like or else go back where they came from (or in the case of converts, where they really belong).

As for me, I'm thinking of holding an anti-Ramadan -- for the forty days and forty nights, or whatever the hell it is, I will eat whatever the hell I want all freaking day, where God and everybody can see me.

(P.S.: yes, that "disclaimer" makes no sense at all, so either it's not a disclaimer, or the person who wrote it is subliterate.)

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Sigivald [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Potato chips?

Think big! Try a bacon and porkchop sandwich with a big glass of wine.

If you're going to commit HateDining, go all the way.

Like someone on another website (I forget where) said -- wear bacon around your neck, like garlic against vampires.

Mmmm.... bacon...


Dang, you mean all those Great American Meat-Outs I "honored" by eating meat, weren't enough? Now I'm going to have to pig out (heh) for a whole month?

The things I do to help protect civilization.

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. I myself sacrificed -- tonight I had two Tom Collinses and an appetizer consisting of dates stuffed with chorizo and wrapped with bacon. (Not too bad, actually -- but I had to have the bartender bring me a selection of Tabasco sauces -- all the food here in Orlando is geared to not offend the delicate palates of tourists, even in toney yuppie bars.)

"How about if I stand across the street from a mosque and eat a bag of potato chips?"

Four words:

Deep fried pork rinds.

ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't know from Muslims, but I've had some of those "I'm on a diet, everyone look at what a martyr I am" types act as if my eating my lunch in their presence was a hate crime.

Heh. I don't think I ever enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich more. (If I had known, I would have slapped some Nutella on there too, when I made the sandwich)

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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