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Back in the saddle again

I'm online under my own power at last! It was a five-minute job; the tech came in, plugged in the box, checked the settings, and that was it.

It's just in time, of course, for me to be feeling like I've been run over by a truck -- some sort of stomach flu got me, and I'm still pretty draggy. Such is life.

The weather is starting to turn -- not so much in the temperature, which is still just below that of the surface of Mercury, but the late afternoon light is starting to get that pale, silvery tinge it gets when autumn approaches. Also there are moments -- entire moments, mind you -- when the humidity isn't at "mid-swamp." And I am feeling a corresponding lift in spirit. Whatever is the opposite of those people who get depressed in the winter, I am it. I prefer winter to summer, night to day, rainy days to sunshine... stuff like that. Soon I'll be able to take my walks again. (That's another thing that gets to me about summer -- it's too hot to go outside, I might as well be living north of the tundra line for all I can leave my apartment with any amount of comfort.)

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AnnaH [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I also prefer rainy days. Probably because the rain tends to keep neighborhood brats inside, instead of out vandalizing the neighborhood. Sunshine is just so freakin' obnoxious and cheerful. I'm happiest when the sky is overcast and dreary - it's like a cozy blanket, and the air smells so nice. Autumn and winter can't get here soon enough!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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