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Celibacy is one of the things men nowadays claim to find incomprehensible in a woman. Not that I consider it my problem what men want, but it does rather illustrate the decrepit condition of male/female relations in this day and age. See, once "celibacy" was what priests did. What men and women did was called "behaving morally" -- in other words, you just weren't supposed to sleep with your girl until she became your wife, and conversely women weren't supposed to spread their legs for a succession of Mr. Maybes until... well until they got tired of her "shit" (like her requesting that Mr. Desperate Fuck of the Week not stay out until 4am and come back drunk, smelling of whore-sweat, and carrying one or more venereal diseases, unreasonable requests like that) and left her.

The old grandmas had it right: men will not buy milk they can get for free. And they won't even use that money they saved to buy their orgies with one-legged, HIV-positive dwarf tranny hookers, and meth; they'll put the all-night crotch party on your credit card and use the saved cash to buy a new Cadillac Escalade. My fellow females, men will never be honest again until we tell them "no" and keep on telling them. What's the worst that can happen? Men will all catch AIDS from crippled dwarf tranny hookers and die? Not all of them will. True -- the ones left will probably be Christians but I think we ladies can put up with that slight flaw.

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It just reminds me of a conversation I had with a guy once, who was complaining about women. They walked all over him, took his money, publically humiliated him. I asked why he didn't just avoid them. His response was that otherwise they wouldn't have sex with him. He didn't appreciate me pointing out that as long as he was willing to put up with anything to have sex, he would be putting up with anything. Very much of the "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" school. I just don't know what to tell people who do it anyway. But then, it's the kind of thing those rules prevented, isn't? Our "liberation" in this respect reminds me muchly of de-institutionalization in its cause and effects.

Yes, that "we should just allow ourselves to do all the things we were taught was immoral, because we want to," didn't bring Paradise on Earth after all, did it.

Moxie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've been trying to comment and getting errors....about how celibacy is the new cool.

Your comment is in now. They were moving the servers tonight -- I didn't notice a glitch, but maybe you caught it.

ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

oh, great. If celibacy is the new cool, then I guess I need to go out and start having stupid casual sex with a bunch of random guys.

why do people have to take all the stuff I do and ruin it by suddenly claiming it's cool? What's next? Reading?

Well, um. I wouldn't advise that, myself. And frankly, I see no signs of celibacy catching on -- people are still as afraid of being called "prude" and "uptight" as ever.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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