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War stories

I haven't said anything about Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the would-be new Hemingway who thought that going to war would make him a Writer, because better writing has already been done on the subject. Though the idea of a big deal magazine like the New Republic falling hook, line, and sinker for what were obviously tall tales -- and lamely written ones at that -- is beyond amusing. But I will say that when you've lost the kids at Reason magazine's Hit and Run blog, who must still be regretting they did that article some years back on the lack of movies about life under Communism, you've pretty much lost your chance to shine in the Progressive sun.

(Via Ace.)

Update, much later: the discussion over at Hit and Run has become useless so instead read this. By the way, the writer of that article is a leftist. With a head on his shoulders. His must be a lonely world. Oh, and apropos of nothing, "Scott Thomas" reminds me of nothing so much as my ex-boyfriend -- though my ex's sludgy, unreadable prose was a bit more polished, and he was one of those backwards-macho types who think they can achieve manly cred through a pacifist pose (he never got tired of telling the story of how he drove across Texas all alone! in a car covered with "subversive" bumper stickers! And with long black hair! And he saw a burning cross from the highway! And he thought he would be killed by the six-fingered redneck at the gas station! Who looked at his hair funny!), there was that immediate jolt of recognition. (Via Tightly Wound.)

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Reason morphed into just another "smokin' dope without a helmet" (ie lefty) site so slowly I barely noticed.

The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks for the link to John Barnes, Andra. Yep, he's a leftist, but a smart one, and fairly honest to boot. Dang, but they are rare these days. I disagree with a couple of his assertions, but that's a matter of left/right perspective, and, frankly, a minor quibble in this case.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm just startled to hear that you'd dated someone like that.

(Not that I have any room to talk.)

It was just a phase. By the time I'd met him he'd quit dying his hair and only had about a dozen snarky bumperstickers on his car. I still thought I was a liberal back then. I can't say he was the final cure to that, but he helped (if involuntarily).

I meant, my dating him was just a phase -- though the hair dying thing was a phase on his part. In fact, he was all phases, one after the other.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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