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How not to be a pretend conservative

Next time, try not to say things like "the hard right fanatics have claimed the label 'conservative,' [and] seized 99% of the radio & TV airwaves" when complaining about how conservative politicians have supposedly let you, a "Republican in the tradition of RR and GWB who understand political realities and who both had/have genuinely 'Big Tent' mindsets and methods," down. (I am quoting a commenter calling himself "Embarrassed Con" on the Hog On Ice site, but I'm not going to link to the actual post or comment thread, because said site's proprietor, Steve H., is as skittish as a colt and has a tendency to delete posts and comments he feels are getting too much of the wrong attention.)

Update: just to make my meaning a bit more clear, I believe this "Embarrassed Con" person to actually be a lefty troll. There's just something about someone who thinks Fox (not to mention the rest of the tv channels) to be "hard right" that is just too off. Even the most fervent conservative Bush-hater and Fox News despiser doesn't think the entire media has been "taken over" by "hard right fanatics." He should have stuck to radio.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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