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Bill Maher is an idiot

Like that's a surprise. Anyway, here's an example of what passes for thought in Maher's head:

"Does anybody doubt that if [Clinton] had been president when [Katrina] hit, the people, you know, the actual people of New Orleans, would have been better off? I mean, he would have first of all, that's okay. First of all, he would have read about it before it happened. You know, fag stuff. He would have been down there before it happened. He would have not slept for a week. He would have stayed up working on it. That's who he was."

What the hell does he mean "he would have read about it before it happened"? The fuck? Clinton got special newspapers printed in the future? He had a trio of precogs in the White House basement? (They should have told him that tent in Libya only had a goat in it, then; and maybe they should have warned him about being more discreet in his indiscretions, you know? I'm just saying, they must have been some bargain basement precogs.)

Then there's that bit about him not sleeping for a week. I believe it -- Bubba's insomnia was legendary, it's probably to blame for half the stupid decisions made during his administration. (That "let's go right to gays in the military, it's surely the most important thing on the American peoples' minds" wackiness was probably the product of way too much caffeine.) However -- what the hell good would it have done for him to go without sleep over Katrina? Maher has rocks in his head.

(More stupid stuff here.)

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The Founders Intent [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well you see Eleanor Roosevelt tells Hillary, and Hillary passed it on to Bill.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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