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Summer Fun(draiser)

Hi folks! It's time again for a commercial interruption, as I shamelessly beg for money even though I don't have twenty-two thousand episodes of Antique Roadshow to threaten you with. I could always threaten to shoot my cats (and eat them), but I get the feeling that would only bring me applause and recipes...

So anyway, I've got three dollars in my pocketbook. Let's make it four!

More posts about real subjects waiting in the wings. I promises...

Update: well, I should have known better than to schedule anything on a weekend, when the Blogoverse just shuts down. Hey people, this isn't work, it's pleasure... Of course, not everyone lives in Florida; I've heard there are some places where you can actually go outside in the summer.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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