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I was going to put this in a comment on Hog On Ice, but Steve H was having problems with his server or something. Also he has a tendency to remove posts if he thinks they will get too much attention of a certain kind. Anyway, he states that there is a lot of hostility towards conservative pundits. No kidding. But he seems to accept Dennis the Peasant's claim that it is because there are so many awful lady conservatives out there. If only we were cuter, and had nice manners that deferred to big, bitter men! Or something. Anyway, here is what I was going to say:

Dennis the Peasant isn't funny anymore. I guess his bad past experiences have embittered him -- I sympathize, but that doesn't make me want to read his blog. It takes real talent to be nasty and readable -- just slamming out the insults one after another gets kind of wearing after a while; you start to think "Well, okay, what does he approve of?" Oh well, c'est la vie -- he has lots of other readers who can't get enough of him complaining about some woman blogger with big boobs.

That being said -- Fox's crop of female personalities does seem to be mostly barrel-bottom scrapings, though I don't know that it's just Fox who does this. At work our break room has a tv that will only play CNN (because that's all our cheap company will pay for) and the female anchors and reporters they have are no oil paintings either. And what is with the cawing, ear-grating, hectoring voices all these females have? Whatever happened to "tv voice" -- learning to modulate your tone and delivery so that it is pleasing to the audience? Or have we all become inured -- or heaven forfend, even fond of -- the accents of trailer trash and New York street talk? All these women sound like they were raised in an alley among the cats, and the men aren't much better. And it cuts across ideological lines. (By the way, Michelle Malkin, despite what Dennis says about her, is one of the few that still has a rather pleasing voice, or at least it isn't so hideous on the ear as some of those other women. And she doesn't put on a pound of frosted blue eye shadow --!-- like Debbie Schlussel does. (See the picture on Dennis the Peasant's site -- ::shudder::.)

Anyway, I haven't willingly watched the news in years, except for glimpses, so I have no dog in this hunt. I also don't care to become a "conservative pundit" -- whatever that is. Most people with that label seem about as conservative as Hillary Clinton -- scratch most consie spokesbeasts and you get someone who shrieks like a scalded female anchor at the very idea of being deprived of internet porn -- "let the Free Market™ decide (please god no i need my hotsexxybergenbelsenguards.com)!" -- or sees nothing wrong with human cloning or pipe-dream schemes to extend human life (those who can pay for the process anyway) indefinitely. Or else they are sour isolationists who don't want any more of that furrin' stuff on our shores (the position most attractive to me, I admit); or else they are from the Happy, Unthinking Protestant contingent of Christianity, who reject all facts that threaten their pink-and-gold worldview of Jesus as a sort of Extra-Strength Cleanser that will get your whites brighter. I must admit to disappointment in most "conservatives" today -- especially when the klieg lights hit them, they turn into just a different shade of liberal.

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Uh, Hog on Ice doesn't listen to Dennis Miller's radio show, obviously. But the reason Miller's been literally sweating his last two Fox appearances is 1) he car didn't show up and he had to run to the studio, and 2) the remote studio he was at last time was, in his words, "three thousand degrees."

I agree that "conservative pundits" leave a lot to be desired (who let Dick Suck My Toes Morris in ferchrissakes?).

However, and bizarrely too, the ones we have up here in Canada (Rex Murphy, George Jonas, David Warren, Michael Coren) tend to be less grapsing, pandering and desperate than many in the US. Ours toil mostly in print rather than TV and radio, but none could be accused of kissing up to the PM or angling for a government post. Perhaps its the sheer impossibility of they're ever becoming anything other than what they are -- newspaper columnists, Mark Steyn being the exception -- means they just figure, oh **** it, I'll write this.

And write it well. You will rarely read tired Churchill quotations and tear jerking patriotism etc in their work. They tend to be more cerebral than some of the Townhall crowd, for instance.

Having no equivalent to the US Conservative Infrastructure of publishing houses, think tanks and cool White House gigs has its advantages I guess.

Hey, is that a dig against my Churchill quote on the sidebar? ;) Actually, I need to change it -- I put it up there because I was beginning to wonder if that talon-sharpening eagle didn't simply follow up with pink nail polish and then go back to huddle in his nest.

Anyway -- I like Dennis Miller. But I haven't had a tv for a while (well, I bought this little battery-operated one for hurricanes, but obviously it's not cable-ready), so I haven't seen any of his recent gigs. (I suppose I could get them off Youtube or something.) Dennis Miller does (or used to -- I'm going on memories of past acts) have a kind of nervous delivery sometimes that may make people think he is actually nervous, not just trying to get out everything he has to say in a limited time slot.

Conservatives down here have become so one note. I blame politics -- at some level engaging too much of one's time in the pursuit of political power, no matter with what good intentions, is unconservative. Of course, letting liberals take power because politics is "trashy" is rather self-defeating. The only recourse is to change society from the ground up -- a more conservative society will have a more conservative government. But that's too hard -- better to grouse from the sidelines and then turn on the tv like everyone else.

Getting rid of the TV was the best thing I ever did. Not that I don't spend as much time on the internet now as I did in front of the tube then, but at least the stuff I poke around with is slightly more redeeming than what (little, thank gods) I know of American Idol.

Conservatives and Liberals - especially the kind found in Washington - both want to control my life. They only differ in the type of controls they want to put in place. I haven't voted "for" someone in longer than I can remember. I am always voting "against" someone.

Liberals want to outlaw smoking, self-defense and free speech. Conservatives want to force prayer in public schools, (their prayers of course... wonder how they would react to Wiccan prayer in public schools... don't answer that), force women who have been raped to carry children to turn, and make darn sure the uppity gays never achieve anything like equality. I don't see much to select one group over another. Live and let live, let people run their own lives, don't stick your nose into other people's business, freedom, liberty, etc. None of this seems to be known to the people in the Congress.

The way they are agreeing on this immigration fiasco shows how alike they are.

Jim C. [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I agree DtP is speaking mostly out of bitterness.

I do like Malkin and visit her site every day, but you have to admit she doesn't have as much depth as the women at National Review, for example. As for her voice, it's okay. But her final "-er" does irk me a bit because it resembles that of a Valley Girl or cheerleader. (Was she either/both? Dunno.)

No I didn't even notice your Churchill quote, sorry! You know what I mean, right?

Miller's radio show is quite good. Makes me laugh out loud. He's still trying to figure out what he thinks about some issues.

And yeah that nervous teenage boy laugh can be kinda weird, esp. when you see him live and he's looking almost GQ in his designer suit.

He's got good guests, a co-host who actually makes a worthwhile contribution to the proceedings, fun callers, lively music. I'm glad I got a premium sub and may be givin' 'em out for Christmas for sure.

Anyway, folks looking for fresh conservative voices could do worse that google the writers I mentioned in my first post. Esp. Rex Murphy, if you admire style.

When Coren writes for the Sun chain his columns necessarily have a more populist cast that isn't everyone's thing. But he can still be pretty 'out there' by Canadian standards.

Well everyone in southern California seems to talk like that.

Zendo: gays already have equality. What they don't have is acceptance of their every fart and notion. Then again neither does anyone else; see the entry under "Life: Unfair."

As for the other things -- I don't know any conservative who wants to "force" a raped woman to carry the resulting pregnancy to term. The argument is a bit more complex than that. In any case, I'm not going to allow any further discussion of the matter in this post -- subsequent comments mentioning "abortion" will be deleted, whether I agree with them or not.

As for the final straw argument about prayer in schools... Every once in a while the topic comes up, like a recurring fever, but usually it gets dropped for more important things. No one takes it seriously. For one thing, no one would ever be able to agree on a prayer that didn't offend some segment of the population, so the movement would become humiliatingly stymied by PC. And even if they did manage to get a non-offensive prayer through, the kids would ignore it just like they ignore the Pledge of Allegiance and the principal's announcements.

My first sentence was directed at JimC about Malkin, by the way. Kathy you must have been posting when I was...

Urgh, must stop hitting "submit." I can edit my own comments, but I'm too lazy... anyway, I decided to change the site look a tiny bit, and found another quote. Not sure I like it, though... perhaps I will find some sort of random quote script.

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