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Hello I must be going

Did I say I'd put up more posts later? Ha ha, I didn't say how much later! Seriously, I am that exhausted -- I went to the grocery store because I was down to one packet of ramen noodles. How much did I spend? Let's just say I hope that they put that kidney they removed to good use... So I'm a little sore. Seriously, I have a sinus headache from hell, obviously I'm not entirely over whatever virus I have been fighting off, or maybe it's from the heat -- I stopped by Target to see if their merchandise was as hideous as it's been for the past few years and if their clothes are still designed for tiny stick women (answer: no and yes), and I went through the plant section, which is semi-outside under a mesh-roofed enclosure, and I swear it must have been over 100 degrees in there. The plants they had for sale were visibly wilting as I watched.

Anyway, I'm exhausted, and tomorrow the next-to-the-last full work week starts, so off to bed I go. (Still having the fundraiser -- thanks to all who contributed, I was able to buy food with your help. And not just cat food either.)

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I'm with you about Target...I can't believe how small their clothes run. Their size "large" is about like a size small at any other store.

I hope you are feeling better. :-)

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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