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Good Lord but people are dumb update

Why are people so fucking stupid these days? Yes I am irritated today -- I woke up in a bad mood, and this sort of thing doesn't help. This is an addendum to this post of mine, on that babysitter who apparently (the brief news article didn't give a whole lot of details) decided it was okay to go to sleep while overseeing two toddlers, because see, she'd put them to bed and everyone knows that toddlers don't wake up when other people are sleeping.

Anyway, Brendan Loy has jumped on the "oh, it's just a tragedy, not anyone's fault" nannystatism blah blah bandwagon. Meanwhile there are two dead kids and the entire subject of job responsibility is left pissing in the wind. Hey, okay -- from here on let's not get upset if pilots show up drunk on flight days -- after all, they drink at home, why not on the job too? And I think I'll just go to work in my pajamas and sit at my desk all day reading blogs on the internet, because there's no reason to hold anyone at their job to any higher standard.

Let me spell out my objections in simpler terms for you tragedians: a babysitter has been hired to work, not invited on a sleepover. Just because it's only a couple of children and she was in a house didn't mean she didn't have to take as much care to stay alert as airplane pilots or truck drivers or even us office flunkies have to be at our jobs. It's about job responsibility, not sticking it in the Man's eye and letting kids be kids.

As for a fitting fate for this babysitter, I don't know if she should be jailed, but she should certainly be blacklisted from ever being hired to watch anyone's kids. Too bad if that hurts her feelings. She's at least alive to feel.

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What McGehee said.

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This makes three agreeing.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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