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Ears and Mind Closed

As regards the new fad among some bloggers I like (and bloggers in general) for podcasting and blog-talk radio and the like: sorry, guys, I'm not buying. I don't like the sound of the human voice in general -- I have to listen to people yammer at me all day at work, for one thing. For another thing, I've always been this way -- I hate radio news, I hate commercials, I hate deejay patter. Shut up and play the fucking song already. (What's worse is, they play the song, then jabber for ten minutes, and never say the goddamn title and artist of the freaking song. Who gave deejays the idea that people wanted to listen to them say anything? Whoever did should be forced to listen to old Howard Cosell tapes until their heads explode.)

Anyway -- sorry, podcasting blogtalkradio-ing bloggers, I'm not going to listen. I READ. Write something. Yeah sorry that takes a little more effort, too bad so sad.

Yes I am still in a bad mood. It will pass. But the hatred of talk radio (and the internet equivalent) is perpetual.

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The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I prefer reading as well, but I absolutely LOATHE disc jockeys. And while iTunes has issues, talking DJs ain't amongst them. It's nearly so for most of the INTERNET music "channels", which is a close second for favorites of mine.

And I know why I loathe DJs. They used to be value added to the broadcast with humor and commentary. But in the past 20 years or so, DJs have gone from Wolfman Jack to Imus-like in quality, even on the so-called music only stations. Most DJs today ain't worth listening to.

There's a new AM station I listen too, "True Oldies," that doesn't have too much deejay patter, and what they do have is the old-style stuff -- name of the song, a few factoids about the artists, what occurred in rock 'n' roll history on this day, etc. And there isn't too much of it. I fear for when it becomes a much more popular station, though.

Podcasts are for people who have long boring interludes where reading isn't feasible.

Podcasting and "diavloging" - yeah, just what I need. 0-10% of the information or insight for 300% more investment of time.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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