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Weekend starting

Finally, some wine. I have been dry for weeks, because I spent all my money on things like moving, but my boss gave me an Albertson's gift card, so I wrote a list that looked like this:

Cat food

I just bought a couple of bottles, though -- I really did need food, and ended up buying more meat than I thought I would -- Albertson's was having a sale on their pre-seasoned cuts. Chicken breasteses and a couple of pork chops are in my future. But tonight was ham-'n'cheese on zillion grain bread (I am a princess), and some gourmet fancy olives, and something called white shiraz. Kind of like Australia's version of white zinfandel, nice and sweet and easy to drink. I figured I'd better go with something safe since it had been so long.

I've been listening to the radio -- AM here has a new all-oldies station, but it just went out for some reason, so I switched to FM, and I've been dial hopping because I can't seem to find anything I like. The classic rock station was playing all the crap, Foreigner and junk like that. The UCF station that plays jazz was playing annoying jazz instead of cool jazz. Now the R&B station was playing cool 70s stuff but now I think they are playing Luther Vandross and he's too mushy for me. My cds are in a box somewhere but I'm not in the mood for goth or U2.

Maybe I will watch my tiny tv. Last night I caught a bit of a PBS show from Australia about that big rock, about how all the humans are ruining it (except for the aborigines who somehow managed not to ruin it even though they've been wandering around it and scrawling stuff on it for thousands of years, maybe they used their higher spiritual powers to levitate over it so their human toes didn't get all over it). See what I missed not having a teevee?

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I am eating hot dogs, even though they are a migraine trigger for me. And nachos, tiny little pickles, and diet cherry coke. Woo-hoo.

I do plan to watch the Memorial Day concert tonight.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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