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Falling Rats

Jesus Christ, people in California have too much time on their hands. What we would call over here in the sane part of the world "defective pigeons" (or "roast squab"), have a fan club:

Roller pigeons are bred for a genetic quirk that strikes in mid-flight, causing a brief seizure that sends the birds spiraling uncontrollably toward the ground. Thousands of hobbyists compete to see who can best make their birds roll in unison.

And of course, like most fan(atic) clubs, the members of this one are killing anything that gets in the way of their stupid pastime:

But for a hawk or falcon, a plummeting roller pigeon is fast food. Fed up by raptors spoiling their sport, some of the leading competitors in the roller pigeon field began illegally killing the predators, according to a federal indictment released Thursday.

Steve Sailer is mocking the retarded pigeons, but I think their fans are just as retarded and useless. I propose a new sport: we take these "roller pigeon hobbyists" and drop them from a plane and see if they can "roll in unison" before they hit the ground. And then feed their remains to the hawks and falcons.

Stupid people enrage me.

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marc [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Crazy, crazy people; good Lord. However, thanks for the Saturday morning laughs!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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