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It's too early to think about things, so here are some pictures of the new place:

First, this is what I see outside my windows:

And here are those windows:

And from the bedroom:

My plants look happy with their new shady home:

Sure, the place is smaller, and it's more expensive, and has one of those low-flow toilets, but I think it's worth it. Oh -- and I put in my order for the stacked washer/dryer -- it will be delivered Wednesday after next. Which is a good think because I am too broke to be able to afford the laundromat.

I'll end this with dumb new-apartment gaffe of the week: all last night I was sitting here irritated because someone was playing a radio set on the classic rock station, so the whiny tones of Robert Plant and Billy Squier kept intruding into my woodland idyll. I woke up this morning and the radio was still playing! What evil new noisy neighbor was I going to have to deal with now? I noticed that the sound was loudest as I sat at my desk, so I went out onto the balcony to investigate. Odd. I could not hear any music outside. Hmph. I went back inside (where I could here the music again) and sat down at the desk. I decided to upload the above photos. I opened my desk drawer to get the usb cord for the camera... and realized that the music was emitting from the portable radio/cassette player I had stuffed in the drawer. I had left the headphones connected, and apparently accidentally turned on the radio. Derrrr....

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It certainly looks livable. We wish you the best!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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