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Home improvement

I have a horrible headache from walking around in all the smoke today. It threatened to rain earlier, but all I got were a couple of big, cold drops, and then one huge "BANG" of thunder that rattled the walls, and that was it. Perhaps to make up for the lack of rain, the people upstairs dumped a bunch of water on their balcony -- which as the balconies here only have slats, no sealed floors, immediately rained down on my balcony (and the floor of the patio of the ground floor apartment below me). Fortunately I was not out there at the time. I hope it was an accident (it did sound like they knocked over a cooler full of melted ice or something) -- I don't want to have to notify my upstairs neighbors that this is not medieval France.

However, the walking around did have some satisfactory results. I went to the old apartment to get rid of the remaining stuff, pick up a few things I'd left, etc. I'd intended to clean but as usual I just couldn't get that far. I was able to give away the remaining furniture pieces -- to the coworker who helped me move before; he came and got the big dining room table and the dinette set. He'd recently moved into a two-bedroom condo and it has plenty of room for both items. I helped him carry them in, and then he dropped me off at Home Depot.

The trip to Home Depot was to take care of a most important task: getting a new shower head to replace the pathetic one the apartment came with. This time I not only had an old, inadequate shower head to deal with, I had a low-pressure situation, as well as a smaller water heater than the previous apartment had. So I bought this one, and I managed to install it after much struggle. Now I have a real shower. (And yes, the fine mist is strong enough for me.)

This entry is more boring than I intended; I blame my sinuses. Note to weather gods: we need some rain, please.

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Moving sucks, but when it is to a better place, that is heaven, especially if it means a better shower. I remember an old apt. where you had to run around to get wet...

We need rain here too...it is so unbelievably dry. My mother has had a terrible sinus headache from all the dust and pollen. All the dryness makes me depressed...you need rain once in a while to break up the monotony and refresh things.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Meanwhile, here in the alleged Dust Bowl, we're eight inches above normal for the year so far, a 50-percent surplus. I'd share, but I suspect you don't want all this mud.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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