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Glitches are Bitches

Hi kids! I'm writing this from a wireless-enabled coffee shop at the mall, because my phone company, displaying their usual ineptitude, still have not hooked up my phone! I can call in to my number and get my voice mail (though they wiped out my message for some reason), but there is no dial tone at my new apartment. So, not only do I not have a phone, I don't have my dsl connection, and I've been without my sweet, sweet internet for TWO DAYS. I did call the phone company and complain, and the lady swore she'd have someone over to look at the doohickey outside the apartment building to see which button they forgot to push. At this point I'd be happy with dialup...

This is the only reason I ventured outside the apartment. I had no intention of doing so, but I needed to check my bank balance and Paypal balance (thank you everyone who recently contributed -- I've been going through my money like I actually had some), and also check in on the websites, etc... I am still surrounded by boxes at home, have no idea where half my stuff is, must still find places for everything in a much smaller space, and rest my aching muscles. I am going to be crippled for a week.

Did I forget to mention it's blazing hot? Thank God my new place is covered in trees. However, the streets aren't, and I had to order a frozen coffee drink. That's how hot it is -- I usually don't care for frozen coffee.

Anyway, that's all -- I still have some cleaning up to do at the old place, but I probably won't get to it until next weekend. Hopefully I will have my dsl back by tomorrow (I hold no hope out for today as it is Sunday -- they promised it would be up by Monday, which no doubt means Monday evening). Later.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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