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Speaking of running for pres, if I had an ounce more gumption, I'd start a campaign: "Condoleeza Rice for President! Not only is she African-American™, she's a woman, and she is also an unmarried, successful career woman, so probably a lesbian. So the question is, America, are you ready for a president who is African-American™, Female, and Probably a Lesbian? If not, then what is wrong with you? Examine your conscience and Do the Right Thing!"

It'll be a candidacy for the ages.

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Why does this make her "probably a lesbian?" I know too many people who fit that description and most of them are straight.

It's a joke. Which I will now ruin by explaning that it is based on the practice of accusing a woman in the Opposing Party (whatever that may be) of being a lesbian if she is unmarried and childless.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I dunno, Andrea. It's pretty much widely accepted (among the types who breathlessly forward e-mail lists of all the people the Clintons had killed) that Hillary! is a lesbian. Marriage and child notwithstanding.

That's a marriage? And if you ask me Chelsea looks like neither of them -- I think she's adopted. Let's start a rumor!

Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

If you want rumor, well, ``Chelsea is actually Webster Hubbell's daughter'' has been around for years.

Good luck with the move.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Web Hubbell? Nah, she's the love child of Bill and Susan McDougal!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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