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What I did today -- packing and moving and other stuff

Well, yesterday had been such a nice, if cold, day, that I decided that the morning would be spent at Crane's Roost Park. I also decided to eat at the Denny's there. (Nothing else seemed to be open -- either times have changed, or they take Easter much more seriously in Central Florida than they do in Miami.) So I got on the bus. The weather was even colder than yesterday, and cloudy as well. Denny's was already crowded -- I wanted to get their early to avoid the church crowd, but as usual I was too lazy about getting out of bed -- but I got a table squashed in the corner. I ordered one of their fat-and-meat packed breakfasts. It was okay, but they need to clean the stale grease off the bacon griddle. I would have lingered a bit over my coffee, but they'd seated a family with a hysterical brat screaming about something or other (such behavior would have gotten me a trip to the bathroom or the parking lot and a spanking -- he was speaking in complete sentences, so old enough to be told "you're old enough to know better") so I left. I stood forever behind a large family that was standing right in front of the cashier, only to have them tell the hostess/waitress that they were waiting for a table. A few steps to the left was the actual waiting-for-a-table area, and it was empty. Fuming, I paid.

Then I went down to the lake and walked around it once. It's a good-sized lake. Crane's Roost is a very "urban-style" park, as opposed to some of the somewhat wilder ones in the area -- with the concrete walk and the bandstands and so on, and last but not least the annoying piped-in music from loudspeakers. I wouldn't mind if they played classical but they choose mostly some dreary pop. I snapped a few shots of some ducks on my camera, and decided to go home.

I have decided to move the dining stuff back into the dining room, and the couch and other living room things back into the living room. Even though the arrangement is less comfortable it will enable me to get certain items gathered together properly. I've already moved my computer work area back into the bedroom. I have some pictures I need to upload to Craigslist of some items I am selling. I packed up two of the tea sets I am keeping. I put my old patio set -- the one with the moon chairs and the glass side table -- out on the patio, so I could take a picture of it (I'm selling the set). I threw out some Christmas decorations and some other garbage. And I'm exhausted. I sure hope I'll be done by moving day. And I sure hope some of my stuff sells -- I really need the money.

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