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Picture interval

And now for this commercial break -- I've been moving things all over the place, mostly so I can get pictures of the things I want to sell. While I attempt to sort some items, in the extended entry are some shots from my day (click on all for extra-large size):

First, this is the what the county authorities or whoever it is decides such things considers an adequate bus stop:

Yes, that's the bus stop I have to stand at every morning at 6:30 AM (unless I can get a ride from a coworker).

Here's a couple of shots of some lamps lining Crane's Roost Lake. The first one is normal:

And this one, for some reason, with just a slight change in angle and lighting, came out eery:

Well, I can see it.

The picture of the wood duck didn't come out that great. Those birds are so shy they are hard to photograph. Not so the Muscovy duck that posed for me:

This one hadn't come into his full ugliness yet. (Miami is full of these hideous mutant ducks. There aren't as many in Orlando, and they have to compete with the normal ducks, so they haven't taken over yet. This one was rather handsome, though, or at least his confidence made up for his looks.)

Speaking of ugly birds, I caught some good shots of a flock of vultures eating a dead possum on my walk back from the bus stop (on my way back home):

And here, for your entertainment, is a picture of my old cat in a frisky mood that I took a few days ago:

She seems to be saying, "I may be old, but I'm still cute!"

Oh God, I still have so much packing to do.

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

In a few years, when I try to use that caption my own self, will someone please hit me with a stick? Four-legged & furry & old is cute, but no matter what I say, it won't apply to me. Never was that cute, ain't ever gonna be! THAT is cute!

Nice ducky, too.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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