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Sympathy for the Devil

So much in this article on campus killer Cho is simply ridiculous, but at the top of it has to be the idea that he went into psychotic rage because of the "mixed signals" American girls send to males. Do we really have to dig up that old canard ("Your lips say no but your eyes say yes, you hussy!")? The most shameful thing about this is that it is my fellow females saying this, including the usually robust Camille Paglia. Note to Ms. Paglia: spree killings fueled by psychosis shouldn't be included in the male behaviors to be admired.

It is obvious -- to me, anyway, who is no expert, just someone who has known more than one psychologically unstable person -- that Cho was one of those withdrawn, disconnected sociopaths who just snapped as these people sometimes do. Most of them just grow up into the "weird neighbor" who does things like threaten to set fire to your dog if it doesn't stop peeing on his fence, but sometimes they just go haywire. Since they are generally able to "function" in society, there really isn't much we can do about them except to stay vigilant. But vigilance takes effort and personal responsibility, so it's easier to just blame vague societal forces for "driving" the killer. Much in the same way the killer did.

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CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

One must never speak of Evil incarnate today, for if Evil really exists, then so might Good, which means that those hated godbags might actually be right about something, and we can't have that, can we?

Those of us who are persuaded that Evil is the default, a notion supported by the Judeo-Christian story of the Fall, understand the situation immediately: he turned toward the dark side, with results ultimately predictable. It's impossible to see this clearly if your entire worldview is based on the notion that this sort of thing is otherwise impossible because humans are inherently noble and other such Rousseauvian crap. And so the search for "answers" goes on, while the correct Answer is utterly ignored.

Evil isn't just something Muslim terrorists do, either. I am wondering if some of the anger out there currently directed at people like me and Mark Steyn and others isn't partially frustration -- as in, we were expecting this killing to have been done by some Islamist jihadi nutball, but it turns out to be just another psycho youth. I don't know -- people seem to have totally lost the plot on this one. Something about it got them right in their Star Wars memorabilia collection. What Would Mace Windu Do?

Hey, as long as we're thowing around pretty much un-evidenced theories about the sources of someone's rage, how 'bout this one: being exposed to a cornucopia of porn at an impressionable stage of sexual development can give young men insanely unrealistic ideas about what they're entitled to sexually in terms of looks, availability, and willingness to "perform" in women. No, I don't actually believe porn makes you psycho, but it's as plausible a bit of talk-show schtick as the next theory, eh?

I do think that "entitlement" is a source of a lot of modern pathology, though. "I'd like a piece of that" becomes "something is terribly wrong with the world if I don't get a piece of that". (Whether it had anything to do with Cho, I do not know.) To expand upon Charles's point a bit, when did frustration and disappointment become unbearable injustices instead of what they are - the human condition? Are there any societies without burkas or purdah where men who are less than highly attractive aren't constantly exposed to rejection and frustration? (Not that burkas or purdah appear to lessen pathological attitudes toward women.) Isn't it part of maturity (you know, that thing you're supposed to grow into) to learn to handle them gracefully?

I think the general point of feminised schools is sound, though. Hell, my kid has been complaining for years about the unbearable wussification of school wrought by our current "educators", and she's a girl!* There are endless "anti-bullying" rules and indoctrination sessions, the result of which is the coddling of psycho-brats and punishment for self-defenders.

*Paradoxically, there seem to be a lot more male teachers around than was true in my days (at least pre-middle school), so the mere fact that elementary education is dominated by women isn't the cause of the current problem. The old ladies who taught me (you know, old - people over 25) kicked ass and took names.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I do frustration and disappointment pretty well, all things considered.

Cho's rant about those Evil Rich Folks, though, is pure Democratic Party talking point, which further supports the premise that he wasn't all that damn bright to begin with.

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