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One more thought for the day

We really have no right to demand that "moderate" Muslims stand up against their crazier fellow Muslims, if we won't even contemplate defending ourselves against killers (because to do so would somehow be "disrespectful to the victims").

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I tried to forget this big contretemps between the two camps on the "fight or not" issue, but it kept bugging me, until today when I thought of the Titanic.

It would have been fully natural for men to crowd onto the limited lifeboats over children and women they didn't know. And indeed, a sinking ship in the middle of icy waters with no chance of immediate rescue is a perfect example of that category of situations where we wonder if we would have the fortitude to do the better thing. Does that somehow allow us to excuse those men who pushed their way to safety past the women and children? Why did those hundreds opt to freeze to death to allow others a place on a raft?

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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