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No more talking heads

Well, I unloaded my tv and dvd player on my upstairs neighbor, so for the first time in years this is a tv-less household. I will eventually buy a new one -- I'm looking at one of the smaller flat screens, and I'll grab up another cheap dvd player eventually. But the need isn't urgent -- as I've said ad nauseam, I so rarely watched the box that it was basically just a large paperweight, and the thought of lugging it to a new place interested me not at all.

There is the Netflix account, but I hadn't been making much use of that either. I returned the last two dvds I got back unwatched -- I just wasn't interested. I've done this no-tv thing before, by the way; when I was in junior high, I stopped watching television for a few years. It was easy back then, of course -- we only had one tv that worked, and my sister monopolized it. Her tastes in television and mine, needless to say, did not coincide -- she glommed on to those awful sitcoms that came out at the time that were all spinoffs of Happy Days and all seemed to feature shrill, stupid young people screeching at each other and getting into situations that real live person with Down's Syndrome would easily avoid. (Also, he'd be pleasant to be around, unlike the obnoxious people on the little color tv screen of my youth.)

I am exhausted, but I am a lot nearer being fully packed than I was. However, I have run out of boxes. I would have gone to the store but the sky was full of smoke from the giant fire in Georgia, and it was also hot and stuffy, and my sinuses said "you're not going anywhere." I was going to move all the untaken stuff on my patio out to the dumpster tonight, but I think I'll leave it until tomorrow. People may feel more free to take the free stuff if it's by the dumpster rather than on someone's patio, but I'm too tired tonight.

I can't wait until I move and can start being interesting again.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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