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It's growing exponentially!

Good grief. The more I junk I throw out, the more junk I find. I just put a bunch of stuff out on the patio with a sign: "Free Books and Stuff!"

One thing I'm going to do: if no one takes my old videotapes of U2 interviews and videos from MTV and the like, I am junking them. To the dumpster! It's time to let go my misbegotten rock 'n' roll past. (And do you think the punk kids upstairs were at all interested in my old Cure concert programs, Calvin and Hobbes books, and such? Not at all -- instead they took an ancient crock pot that may not even work, and an old stock pot, which isn't broken, I just never used it. Go figure.)

Did I forget to mention I'm also doing laundry? I'm going to be dead by five o'clock.

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Joseph [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Having moved several time, I am familiar with the "How did I get all this stuff, and from where?" syndrome. It's all the little stuff that kills you, that and books. The little stuff takes forever to pack and the books are back-breakers. But try moving from a 3rd floor walk up...even more fun!

Well, I'm moving to my first upstairs apartment -- it's only the second floor, though.

aelfheld [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You threw out Calvin and Hobbes books? I think that's grounds for excommunication.

It's not like they're out of print.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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