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Thinking inside the box

Dawn Eden says that the people who have premarital sex are doing so out of fear that stems from being affected by divorce, of their own parents or those around them.

Because a happy, committed marriage is inconceivable to them, they set themselves up to squeeze out the maximum amount of romance from a relationship in the shortest possible time — killing the opportunity to nurture real love and intimacy.

This is probably so, and it just confirms something I've believed for a long time: that most people have very little imagination, and are unable to form associations with anything beyond their own little private sphere of pleasures and pains. The idea that just because you, your little individual self, happens to be having a miserable time doesn't mean all of existence is meaningless is rejected; the idea that one can grow beyond the evils of one's own circumstances by learning and study of other times and ways does not even occur to them. Thanks to the American tradition of anti-intellectualism on the one hand and the circle-pissing of the half-baked intellectuals who have taken over the education industry on the other we have learned that no lessons can be learned from the past except the one that it was a Time of Ignorance, when everyone did everything wrong until our enlightened society finally got humanity on the right track. Strangely enough, that track seems to resemble another road we used to know well; it certainly seems to be paved with just as many good intentions.

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Yes. To all of that.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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