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No, I am not especially happy with the new Daylight Savings Time date. Why don't they just go all the way -- ban air-conditioning because it contributes to climate change, make every day Bring Your Child To Work Day, make loud cell phone conversations consisting of "I'm on the bus," and "what up, dog?" mandatory on all buses? There are so many ways to torture me, why stop at just one?

(Oh wait -- that last one is already in effect.)

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Do-gooder politicians are not happy with just robbing us of our money. Now they have to rob us of our time, too. So now, I lose that hour sooner and get it back later every year.

And every person that says, "But I just love daylight savings time!" Those people can just bite me...take your extra hour of daylight and shove it where there is no daylight. (Sorry, this is from having to hear defenses of earlier DST from co-workers and not being able to say what I really think.)

I hate losing that hour...can you tell?

The only good thing is now when I go home on the bus it won't be completely dark by the time I get off the last of the three buses I have to take. No, wait a minute -- that will SUCK because the freaking SUN will be shining straight into my head when I get off the bus, because the walk from the bus stop to my house heads WEST. Kill!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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