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Stupid Muslim Cunt Alert

It takes two to participate in oppression -- meet at least half the reason Muslim women are little better than slaves: their own sisters. As long as stupidity and ignorance are tended like the rarest of orchids by idiots like this woman, Muslim women will never be free.

Don't believe me? Well, here's a sample of this female's opinion -- or something -- on Lord of the Rings:

Identify sources, which propagate destructive Messianic ideology and address them, e.g. Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, which can imbue children and teens with the “hate” ethos. For example, in Lord of the Rings, free peoples of the West and North enter an all-out war with the terror-inflicting forces of the South and East, in Middle Earth (Middle East?) (ad nauseum -- Ed.)

No, Middle-Earth, you stupid bitch. God forbid you take five minutes to look up the provenance of that term -- but since it has fuckall to do with The Only Knowledge One Should Know (ie, Allah's Guide to Proper Penis-Washing and Fingernail Paring, aka the Koran) she probably never will.

PS: I fail to see the progressive tendencies Kathy found, but then I found reading any more of this nonsense painful in the extreme.

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Joseph [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hate ethos? Good vs. Evil ethos maybe. The LOTR books were written at a time when the Mideast wasn't even a footnote on the world stage. It also helps to know JRR Tolkien's background a bit.

Sloan [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I guess I can't expect a Muslim woman, who believes in the inherent superiority of the Islamic Way of Doing Things, to have a proper understanding of the Northern/Western European mythological and literary traditions that are at the root of Tolkien's world.

Besides, the only factions that could even remotely be construed as being Arabic or Middle Eastern in influence all came from the southern lands, not the East. You'd think she'd at least try to get THAT right.

And who is she to talk of messianic undertones? What is all this talk of a return of the Caliphate, or the 12th Imam, if not messianic in nature?

The "hate ethos" thing is really laughable, especially when you compare those books to stuff found in the Koran. Hate, indeed.

And I just bet that when she says books the Lord of the Rings trilogy need to be "addressed", she really means, "banned as hate propaganda".

As far as the progressive thing goes, I've noticed that a lot of Muslims are "progressive" politically. For example, every prominent Muslim blogger I've seen is a Democrat and supports the far left. On one particular Muslim group blog, I've noticed that the participants like to go on about "right-wing Christians" a lot. You would think they would agree with "right-wing Christians" about certain social issues.

I can only come to one conclusion about why Muslims are almost always left-wing Democrats. I think it has to do with the anti-defense stance of the Democrats.

Sloan: that would depend on whether she was Shi'ite or Sunni -- Sunnis don't believe in that Twelfth Imam jazz.

Sloan [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Indeed, Andrea. Not knowing her particular flavor of Islam, I was giving a nod to both sides. :-)

Middle Earth is bloody Wales not the Middle East do these people have a map?

Well she is a member of the the Canadian Muslims Womens Council which voted against Sharia law in Ontario - and she does advocate for womens rights within Islamic worship - but that is as progressive as it gets.

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