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Shadow of the past

To most people, it seems, the Eighties evoke a vision of brightly-colored glitter and energy, a resurgence in optimism both economic and political for the Western world after the dreary, sour Seventies. That's as may be -- for myself, the Eighties will always be more like this. Well, it certainly was energetic...

(Fun fact: Peter Murphy married a Turkish woman and converted to Islam some time ago. Fun personal fact: I was actually infatuated with Daniel Ash. It's hard to explain; the closest I can come to it is the way he had those stripes painted down his arms... Seeds of my demise brought to you by way of Ghost of a Flea.)

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You know, I pretty much missed out on the Goth/Dark Wave aspect of the 1980s. What can I say...I grew up in Pensacola. ;-)

I get free Sirius radio in my car for another six months or so. I mostly keep it on their "1st Wave" channel, which is what they call "Classic Alternative". I think they have a whole show devoted to Goth/Dark Wave stuff on the weekends. Anyway, when my free year runs out, I may subscribe just for that channel alone. (Although I heard that Sirius is going to allow "a la carte" subscriptions in the near future so that you only pay for what you listen to).

Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I missed out on it too. I spent the 80s having babies and generally doing the young-mom thing, and had pretty well stopped paying attention to pop culture in any form. Still more civilized than the horrible Seventies, though.

Susan: back in the 90s a fried and I drove all the way from Miami to Pensacola to see Love and Rockets (a neo-glam offshoot comprised of members of Bauhaus, the band in the video I linked to), play at some music festival. Nice town, one day I'll go back.

Annalucia: when Bauhaus (the band in the video) reformed in the late 90s for a world tour, I and some friends went to see them play in Los Angeles. I think that's the last time I flew anywhere... the crowd was sellout and huge, they played the Palladium -- goths (most of whom have decent jobs because all those black clothes cost a lot of money) came in from all over the place (Bauhaus was very popular for an underground band). On the way back we kept running into staid old goth couples and their kids, going home via plane as we were; one couple that stuck in my mind were still dressed in full black regalia, and they were pushing their infant, who was dressed in a little pink frock, in a stroller.


That must have been one of the Springfests we used to have. I went to Springfest one time to see a particular band. It was a nice event for the town while it lasted.

This is a nice town...I grew up here and my roots are here. Unfortunately, the people that run this town are idiots, but that's a rant for another day. :-)

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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