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I will kill you grammar lesson for the day

Ladies and gentlemen:

The word you mean when you want to flog your moral worth is conscience, as in "I would never vote for Hillary Clinton for president, because I have a conscience."

The word you are misusing, is "conscious." That word indicates a physical state of awareness of one's surroundings: "The hippy was still conscious after smoking vast quantities of marijuana." Saying "I have a conscious" is INCORRECT. It is as if you said "I have an awake."

Use these words correctly from now on, or I WILL KILL YOU.

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

One of my peeves, too, thanks for the reminder!

As part of our 12Step program, some decisions must be made as to procedure, time, etc. 'They' refer to it as the Group Conscience. Yup, rulings by committee. Some of us arrogant twits - who have little patience with idiocy & power trips - call them the Group Unconscious - it's much closer to reality, I think...

Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I must be lucky; I've never run across this. Is it just a matter of sloppy pronunciation, or have you seen people writing it this way?

Use these words correctly from now on, or I WILL KILL YOU.

...or at least beat them unconscience.

Annalucia: I've seen it written that way, mainly in emails, blogs, and blog comment threads.

Yes, it's pathetic when people do that. On the bright side, at least these people didn't use the word "consciousness" in a way that God and Nature never intended.

meep [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Would saying "I won't vote for Clinton, because I am conscious." be okay with you?

How about:

I won't vote for Clinton because I have a conscience. Maybe enough people feel like I do, and she will loose.

Is that better?

Ah. Another pet grammar peeve for another day.

Sigivald [TypeKey Profile Page]:

"For every time you confuse conscious and conscience, I will kill you!"

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