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One small step for me-kind

I'm here in a coffee bar playing with their free wireless network. I must say mine is the most battered laptop in the place -- grunge! So what it works.

It's actually my only working computer, so I was a little worried about taking it out into the cruel world. One thing I have to work on (after finding a new place to live, and etc.) is getting another desktop. One of these days...

I am just having a coffee break before going to look at some apartments. Then it will be back to the mountain of laundry, and the housework. My place really is a mess, and I also need to start getting rid of stuff. My back already hurts. And I'm already angry because in moving a table out of my bedroom (the small dinette table, which I'd put in there for some reason I forget) I nicked the finish on my platform bed. You can't really see the damage -- it's just a tiny chip in the varnish on the underside of the bottom rail, but I can see it. I won't turn the bed around, because the idea of the scratch will be there in my mind. I have to call the store to see if they have any repair or touch up kits, or know of where I can get one. (Dark cherry stain varnish.) I am trying not to think what moving will do to my furniture.

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I have a kit of colored waxes I use to fix small dings. If you e-mail me a picture, I could send you some little chunks in similar colors. That will probably do the job, or if necessary you can soften pieces with a hair-dryer and then blend them to get an intermediate color.

I will fire up the camera as soon as I get home. Gotta leave now -- how long can people stay in these internet cafes listening to bad jazz and awful pop anyway? Longer than I can, apparently. Maybe they didn't pay their dsl bill.

Argh. I am now home. Investigated a couple of promising places, didn't have the strength for more. Am now attempting revival via Rose Congou tea.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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