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My Saturday Night Plans

Visiting the bathroom every half hour, apparently. What can I say, I was out trudging around in the hot sun, and when I got back I was parched. So my dinner this evening has been: water water water water sandwich tea tea tea. (The sandwich is an attempt to soak up some of the water, and also I hadn't eaten since noon.)

Anyway, I looked at a couple of places, got some literature... I have decided to try and hold out as long as possible where I am.* I don't want to break my lease, as that will cost me extra money. I haven't heard any more of the loud scary noises from the apartment behind me, so I guess they buried the body real well. (Or whatever.) My lease is up at the end of September, so that gives me plenty of time to save up the money and nail down a place. However, I am holding out the possibility of leaving earlier, if the opportunity comes up and must be snatched. I can always beg them to hold the apartment...

And six months is about how long I'll need to pack. Three months to think about it. Two months to start getting rid of stuff. Three weeks to acquire boxes and tape. One week to throw everything into a huge pile and drink myself into a stupor. One day for my remaining friends to finish packing for me.

*So far. That could just be my fatigue talking. Right now if I lived under a park bench I'd be telling myself "you know, it's not so bad, I've got the healthy fresh airzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The best thing about being a Navy Wife for 22 years was that someone else did the packing, lifting & actual moving. I still had to sort or my garbage would end up in a packing box at the new place, but that was fairly easy, knowing I didn't have to do the rest of it.

The best thing about being Navy Wife, Retired, is I don't ever have to do that again if I don't WANT to. If habit takes over, in another year or so I'll be ready to move again & then be mad because we ain't going anywhere.

I love your "packing" schedule, though!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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