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(Boring personal post follows. Skip if you like quality.)

For an impromptu meal, canned Campbell's chili over rice (cooked in the rice cooker I bought for eight dollars) isn't bad.

This was a stay-at-home weekend, which except for a trip across to the drug store to get the cat's medicine is what I've been doing. It's a really nice day (cool -- high was supposed to be 70 degrees but it feels cooler, and windy, and sunny) and I considered going for a long walk, but then I made the bed and cleaned the cat box and I was just winded. So I've been sitting here doing nothing much. I have the windows open and the ceiling fans on as this place needed lots of airing out. (See cleaned cat box, above.) It's pretty quiet at the complex today, though someone has just started up playing music somewhere, but it's not loud -- rather borne in on the breeze. Also a few people have wind chimes strung up which sounds pretty and reminds me of my childhood (my parents had a thing for wind chimes).

I am slowly coming out of my hormonally-induced mental fog, so maybe by tomorrow I'll be able to think and plan normally (as normally as I ever can anyway). I have a few apartment complexes I want to call this week -- there is the one quite near work, which I've already contacted once but I want to refresh their memory, and there are a few others. My goal is, as I have said, to move where there is a realistic chance that I could walk to work, preferably regularly, but if it's within one bus ride that is not too long I could still walk there if I have to. This means I may have to move to one of the many apartment complexes on Wymore Road. This road runs alongside I-4, but isn't that bad. I don't mind loud traffic noise anyway -- regular sounds like that don't bother me. I'm used to city noises and actually find the silence of the countryside unnerving. But on the other hand, the Wymore Road area is rather too congested, so it's the second choice. But beggars can't be choosers.

The great thing would be to be able to rent a house. The area near my job is not the greatest in the world, but it does have a lot of little post-war era 2/1 concrete boxes which would be just fine for me. In Miami my father found us a duplex in the old Roads section which was my favorite place we lived in -- well, except for my sister taking over the master bedroom (we gave in to forestall screaming rages, our usual method of dealing with She-Wolf of Florida), the drunken fighting couple next door, and the mice. Other than that I loved it...

Aw man, 1/1 available in my price range. Too bad it's even further away from my job than I already am. It's in the wrong direction, basically (I want to head west, not east), and it's much too close to UCF. I am up to here with college kids. The search goes on...

Another cheapie, but the neighborhood is questionable (it's not in the part of "close to downtown" that I like to wander in). It's also not within my one-bus-ride goal.

Hmmm... this one would be quite a walk to my one bus (which I'd have to catch on Orange Avenue), but it has hardwood floors! I don't know... Decisions, decisions!

And that's my exciting life.

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Jeffro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The Chunky steakburger soup is good over rice, too. Quick and el cheapo. I like a variety of Tabasco sauces sprinkled in as well.

I couldn't live with all the traffic noise - too many years in solitude on a farm.

Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

So, is Outdoor Cat still living with you? Are she and Xena getting along, or do they at least tolerate each other?

I didn't even know Campbell's made a canned chili.

Yup -- she's under the table I use for a desk currently, and Xena (younger kitty) is wandering around somewhere. They still hate each other, but they mostly ignore each other.

I didn't know about the canned chili either. But there it was on the shelf. I usually avoid such things but I haven't been up to real cooking and I think I've eaten enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the weekend.

Of course, now my stomach feels kind of... strange. Time to make some chamomile tea...

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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