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Idle hands

Let's see if this works and doesn't screw up my template:

OK, so far so good. Some of this is just nonsense, but I had to pick the nearest thing. The "love" category was the most unsatisfactory, but this is probably due to the desiccated state of my "heart" (carefully tended, of course). Most of the choices were images of cute young things getting physical, which hardly describes my preferences these days. There was one image of a cute dog bearing a newspaper, but as I am under no illusion as to why dogs do things for us I couldn't very well pick that one.

More items... sorry for the hairy back image, but it was the grossest one they had. Other images (a clean toilet (?) -- I guess a dirty one would be going too far -- and someone's bare toes, etc.) weren't gross enough. But anyway, it's a cute timewaster, and I feel it my duty to clutter up the internet with as much garbage as possible -- just doing my part! (Via Sheila O'Malley.)

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I told the thing that all I wanted to do was read books and sleep, and it told me I was a "go-getter." Interesting definition. I suppose if I said that I liked to jog and go to clubs it would have told me that I needed to be medicated heavily, and perhaps strap 100 lb. weights to each of my limbs.

Hmm ...I did note that I was in the lowest percentile in practically every choice except for chocolate.

...nuttin' new 'bout this, a'course.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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