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I guess I'm not angry

If I change my blog's tagline this post's title will make no sense... Hi kids! Just me here, ah, sitting at the laptop again, clicking and stuff. I'm not tired, what I am is actually ACHING IN EVERY GODDAMN BONE.

Ahem. Well that feels -- not better, but anyway. I also have itchy eyes. I wish whatever I am coming down with would just get here already. I seem to have felt this way all freaking year. Today's weather didn't help -- imported straight from the Algore's cold armpit or something, it was cold and dank and damp and dark, just the sort of weather to get right into your bones and make you feel like hell. It wasn't even really that cold -- I've endured, and enjoyed, colder weather. I'm not used to this -- in South Florida cold weather is dry weather. The climate changes above Lake Okeechobee and the rest of Florida is as different as another planet. And it wasn't just me -- the office was almost as cold as the outdoors, and everyone was complaining about sore muscles and aches and wearing their outdoor coats indoors.

On the other hand one of my coworkers who knows about my little typewriter obsession brought me a late-Fifties era Smith Corona Galaxie manual with a script typeface. It was jammed in its case but when I got it home a little jimmying got the thing out. The ribbon is mostly dried up but I know where to get new ones. Tonight I typed on my new toy to test it out. (Verdict: needs cleaning, no surprise there.) Now, where to put it...

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I love old typewriters, too, Andrea. I don't know who got my dad's, maybe I can talk my mum out of 'em if my sister hasn't taken them hostage. Wow. I may have to look for one, it'll fit right in here on the shelf...after I get the shelf...

Had our landline taken out today, as paying for the redundancy is silly on such a small fixed income. Didn't know my desk was this big! Nice space for an old Smith-Corona!

A scritp typerface--that's neat. I've never seen one on a typewriter, except for the IBM ones with the golf-balls

I will scan an example of something I've typed one of these days.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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