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Wild Kingdom

(If you are not really interested in the saga of me and a cat you'll want to skip this post.)

Well, today I did it: I finally brought the old cat I've been taking care of inside the apartment. She'd been an outdoor cat, then she got sick. I took her to the vet and got her medicine, but she'll have to take it the rest of her life (which as she has gotten better may be longer than we all thought), and it's not really easy to give an outdoor cat a pill at regular times every day. For the past couple of weeks the old neighbor lady who just fell in love with the cat has been keeping her inside, but as she (the old lady) is feeble and tottery and really can't handle a pet at her stage of health, and as she is also moving in with her family in Ft. Lauderdale in a month, and as they have two dogs, this wasn't going to be a permanent state of affairs.

I was planning on finding some kind of home for the cat because she is rather sweet (usually -- details coming up) and I may still post some signs at vet's offices and such, but I am not holding out much hope that there is anyone who wants to take on an aging cat with a busted thyroid who needs to take a pill every day for the rest of her life. And I was worried also about her getting into it with other cats (two have showed up recently in her "territory" of my patio and the surrounding area, and they both look young and feisty -- and they both belong to people because one I've seen lounging in the same place on the other side of my building, and the other one has a red collar). And I was worried about hawks and owls, which are plentiful in this area. And so on.

So I decided that if I'm going to be buying medicine for her every month I might as will take her in. There's only one problem: I already have a cat. Xena (my main cat) has actually been fairly well-behaved about her new roommate -- usually she's the one making the banshee noises. Maybe it's because the shoe is on the other foot -- before she was the interloper, now she's the one with the territory that's been invaded. And the invader has switched her former sweet personality to a Growling and Hissing Demon personality. O.C. (whose actual name is "Squeaks" or "Squeaky" because her normal meow sounds like a rusty door hinge) does not want to be in this house with it's Strange Other Cat smell, and she's been pissing and moaning all night.

Xena was giving me martyred looks, so I finally moved her food and water bowls into the bedroom and moved the litter box to a place where she won't have to cross the apartment and go past the Alien Growling Beast to pee. (I also hope the Alien Growling Beast figures out that the big purple Booda Dome is where the pee and poop go.) From my experience and that of others I can expect about two or three more weeks of this.

Anyway, that's the Tale of Two Kitties, Chapter One.

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Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

``` before [Xena] was the interloper, now she's the one with the territory that's been invaded. ''

So in human terms, Xena is Anne Boleyn, and OC is Jane Seymour? As for OC's pissing and moaning, could it be that as a full-time outdoor cat she just doesn't like being kept inside?

I think you'd better post those ``Free to Good Home'' notices at the vet's after all. Sounds like you won't get much sleep otherwise.

Actually, I did sleep pretty well. Xena stayed in the room with me, and Squeaky sulked under a chair in the living room.

Squeaks did like staying in the old lady's apartment, but the old lady just can't take care of her.

liquidambar [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You're right - usually it takes a few weeks, and then they work things out between themselves.

Good for you for taking in a needs-to-be-medicated stray! Acts like yours renew my faltering faith in humanity.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Poor babies - they don't understand that we do all this for them. It's a pain, but I'm sure glad you did it. I came up with an idea for keeping my indoor/outdoor cats inside at night when the weather's bad...I'm going to kennel them. I have 3 travel crates, & the 2 toms & the bitch kitty will get to spend some nights in them so I won't worry & they won't spend their time fighting or peeing on my furniture. Hope it works - won't need it for awhile yet, as it's not terribly crappy weather at night these days...

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