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Plans for everyone

The discussion has gotten too long at Ace of Spades HQ for me to get my pearls of wisdom noticed, so I guess I'm going to have to post on the great hullaballoo over Dinesh D'Souza's apparent claim, in his new book, that American decadent liberal types are to blame for Muslim hatred of the West. Well, it's true that you won't find very many fanatical Muslims lining up to buy the latest Woody Allen vehicle on dvd. And it's true that much of what comes out of Hollywood and academia is decadent tripe. I've said so about a zillion times. But if D'Souza really is making such a simplistic claim, then I've got to go with the libertarians and libertines over at Ace's place. For he will be forgetting one important thing: they don't like conservative, sexually restrained Westerners either. They don't like anyone who isn't Muslim. We could burn Hollywood to the ground, ban all books that aren't about God 'n' family, and make all the women here dress like the women on the Lawrence Welk Show, and they still would hate us. Because we would still not be part of the Muslim Collective Organism. And even if we did convert, it still wouldn't all be universal love and hugs.

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Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Haven't read D'souza's new book, and probably won't, but when I first saw this particular argument floating around I figured he must have been misquoted, or else a lefty projected whatever inanity he believes an evil - E-VIIIIIL, I tell you!!! - wing wing Nazi would have said.

The thing is, the jihadis hate Hollywood, but as you point out they hate Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich just as much. They see no difference between them. What they really hate is our success. We have material wealth, endless entertainment and leisure time to enjoy it, rights which are frankly anarchic and repellent to them, and WE DO NOT BOW TO MECCA!!!

Blasphemy! Obviously Allah despises us all and wishes us destroyed! And please don't ask why it is that the ungodly (that would be us) are so successful and happy - I really, really don't want to hear whatever tortured explanation these subhuman filth devise. Stamp them all out, please, and let me get back to my books and dogs and guns. While the pants shitting lefties are wringing their hands and whining that we don't take time to understand the jihadis, they haven't a clue that some of us understand our enemy completely, and want to either demoralize them so they leave us alone, or failing that, kill every single camel stealing goat fucking last one of the retarded death junkies.

It's a long list of hates but it has one heading.

The more intersting aspect of this discussion (IMHO) is how deluded D'Souza is on this score and how/why that happened. His argument seems to proceed from the assumption that Islam, as a whole, is just the sort of nice, reasonable, loving faith that President Bush said it was back in 2001 and the dangerous ones are just a subset of radicals.

Because if Islam is peaceful, then there must've been something that provoked some people into being un-peaceful. His semi-novel spin is that Madonna did it. Now don't get me wrong; I'm happy to blame most things on Madonna (just this morning my car wouldn't start... that bitch), but here D'Souza falls off the edge in trying to adhere to his liberal tendencies to assume that all faiths are valid or reconcilable.

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