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Ode to my future sprains

I've decided to put away the indoor Christmas decorations. What can I say, I'm already over it. The outside lights are staying a while, though. It was a bitch getting those things up, and I like colored lights.

I've also decided to move some furniture around. New year, new(ish) look for the place, etc. The tv was sitting on top of a lame, beat-up old cart -- one of those pasteboard things with wheels and two shelves that they sell at Walmart. I've decided to put the tv on the tall Danish-style cupboard-with-shelves things that I bought at the second-hand furniture store a year or so ago. It was in the dining area, so I dragged it over to the living room area, after taking all the typewriters off it. (That was what was on the shelf unit before.) The tv is just a substitute for the flat panel I'm going to get some day -- not so much because I am trendy as because it's all part of my stripping-down plan. I'm going to get a flat-panel lcd tv that is not more than 20 inches big. And then I'll cart the crappy old tv to the dumpster. Of course, it's not a priority, as I don't watch enough tv for it to matter. By the time I'm ready to buy the flat panel they should have gone down in price even more. But I don't want a huge one -- I think huge tvs in little apartments are just embarrassing, and I don't watch that much tv.

All this, of course, means I've had to move a million things around, and I'll probably be sore as hell tomorrow. Don't care. I've got ibuprofen and wine.

I just realized I forgot to put in a tag which shows which category my posts are going into. Well, so far they've all gone into the "Blah Blah Blah" category. I don't know why MT is never set up with the tags already in the template as a default, but that's is the wonderful world of MT for you. Wordpress had weirdnesses too.

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Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

In my family the Christmas decorations always stayed up until at least New Year's Day. Any time after Jan 2 they could come down. My parents still keep to that practice - I would, had I decorated my house this year (I kept expecting to have to go overseas week by week and didn't want to put stuff up I might have to yank down the next day).

Furniture moving is not really a guy thing. The stuff in my house stays largely where it was planted eight years ago when I moved in. It only gets shuffled around if a new piece shows up and requires a reconfiguration. My Mom, on the other hand, gets the bug about every six months and if I'm home I end up going over to lift and carry. My Dad doesn't have the luxury of getting to leave the country for extended periods so he always ends up doing it.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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