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An old friend is back

Over there on the right you'll see Choppin' Dude -- a somewhat updated version, I got it from this website -- warning, about fifteen ad popups may open. (The old Choppin' Dude has disappeared from my server and is not stored on the laptop -- he's probably on one of my image cds or floppies, but I have a million of the things so I am not going to look through all of them. Categorize and list stuff on floppies and cds? What's that mean?)

Anyway, that's for Scott and his kind words. I guess this blog is taking on a somewhat martial air. Gee, where did that come from? ::innocent stare::

In further news, it's a cloudy, gloomy day still. I thought of taking a walk, but I don't really have the urge to do so. I did go to Walmart earlier -- surprisingly, it was not crowded. Everyone must have partied extra hard last night. I still have plenty of the Korbel left over. To tell you the truth I was rather disappointed in it -- it is sourish and almost beery. I might as well have bought a couple of bottles of André and at least got the sweet taste I prefer in my champagne. I guess I could use the rest of the bottle to make champagne cocktails or Kir Royales or something. I wonder if the liquor store is open...

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Happy New Year Andrea!

Fûz [TypeKey Profile Page]:

[[Anger is an energy]]

Good pullquote from PIL
The ordinary will ignore whatever they cannot explain

Mr. Lydon has provided a lot of quotable material over the years.

roscoe [TypeKey Profile Page]:

It's good to see the Choppin' Dude back, Andrea. Happy New year to ya'!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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