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Fashion Tip

Hey, kids! Did you read the web page I linked to this morning and exclaim "That man is so deluded! How can he deny the truth!" Are you worried about Rethuglikkkan Theocrats blasting you with Jesus rays? Did you find yourself humming along to an Air Supply song on the radio the other day? Well, head on down the the grocery store and get yourself a box of Reynolds Wrap! Hurry! There's no time to lose -- I can hear the black helicopters! Oh no, there they a

(Via commenter paco on Tim Blair's site.)

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Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Don't need me no tinfoil hat, besides Reynolds is an evil multinational conglomerate in addition to being the vile puppy blending Instapundit.

I keep some Warren Zevon CDs in the car and play them real loud. A few minutes' exposure in the morning calluses over my brain so no mind control rays can get through.


An iPod with sound blocker headphones can do wonders...although it doesn't seem to work very well against co-workers with either high-pitched shrill voices or loud, deep booming voices.

More seriously, that link (the song, that is) was hilarious! :-D

Jeffro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I like using large colanders rather than foil. This way, there is less trash in the landfill, and we all know how important that it.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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