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Why I refuse to fly, reason no. 679,241

Because I refuse to subject myself to crap like this:

"This isn't the worst thing that will happen to you today."

Said to me by a woman working behind the counter for a major airline as I checked my bag today and complained that the instructions on the self-check-in screen were confusing and flashed off before I could figure out what I was supposed to do next.

But travelers put up with bullshit like this all the time in order to get where they are going and not get arrested by security. And as long as they do, the bullshit will not only continue, it will get worse. People are garbage -- if you give them the slightest leeway in letting them think they can get away with murder, ninety times out of one hundred they will take that chance. As for me, if I ever do go to Europe again it will be aboard a cruise ship, norovirus or no. At least a virus doesn't insult you to your face and expect to get a tip.

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Except for my (hopefully) yearly trip to Wyoming, I've decided if I have to pay an airline, board an airline, PUT UP WITH an airline...I just plain don't need to go. Europe can get along just fine without me.

See, I love to fly - my dad had a Stearman, a Cessna, a Piper, & an Ercoupe while I was growning up. THAT is flying. Those 'airliners' are just rockets with wings & I don't like 'em & don't trust 'em. Or their crews. And I don't like other people all that much either, so I think I'll stick with driving the Lower 48 if I gotta go somewhere.

I've not been treated badly whenever I've had to make a trip. So far. I just don't like those 'aircraft' or the crews OR the passengers AND their luggage & children.

It ain't flying. Flying is fun. Airline travel is torture.

The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I agree, prairiecat. I don't fly unless I have to, to avoid what I call "the meat machine". It was bad before TSA came onto the scene, and it's worse now.

ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Haven't flown since '99, hope I never will have to again (So it means I won't see my supposed ancestral home in Ireland. So what).

I can't imagine how awful it must be now. I remember being reduced to tears in '99, flying from meetings in Seattle back to Chicago - just a string of little annoyances and all the employees were so rude and unhelpful. Travel is tiring, you know? Maybe you could make it a little more pleasant for the people who are paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege of sitting in a tin box at 30,000 feet?

Add in TSA screeners who are underpaid, undertrained, in love with their power, and sometimes unclear as to the program. And stupid regulations like "4 ounces of hand lotion is forbidden but 3 ounces is just fine!" and I'm surprised more fistfights have not broken out at airports.

Me? I take Amtrak. Yes, the delays can be miserable, but if you pony up for a sleeper compartment (which actually costs less than a plane ticket to the town where my parents live would these days), you get privacy, space, and get treated like a human being instead of some piece of refuse the carrier is deigning to transport.

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