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Site update delays

As you all (all five of you who still read my site, anyway) probably know, every year I close the current blog and open a new one. Well. I've been kind of lazy this year, so if you don't get a brand new blog to read tomorrow it's because I got tired of uploading approximately five million blog installation files one by one (CuteFTP sux BTW) to my site and went to bed, or passed out on the couch from excess Andre champagne consumption, whichever comes first. Also I never did figure out a new domain name so now I'm thinking of getting around to doing so, but it will take a couple of days to propagate...

Where is that bottle?

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I've liked your previous work, Andrea, so don't hurry & don't worry. Got plenty to do while I wait...finish my book...finish some embroidery I started in August...rearrange my kitchen cabinets, since I have a new sideboard & hutch to rearrange stuff into...yeah, you take your time, I'll find something to do till you're done!

And thanks for the blog this year. It's been fun.

FYI, I decided to splurge on Korbel champagne instead of Andre. As I recall Andre always gives me a whale of a hangover. And I already returned the Harry Potter movies to Netflix so now what do I have to watch. Oh, I don't know, there's Gladiator, Master and Commander, I could watch Lord of the Rings for the (approximately) 795th time... or I could just watch the CSI marathon on Spike. Anything but rearrange my kitchen cabinets -- which badly need arranging at all. The ones in this apartment turned out to be neither as copious or as convenient to a 5'4" woman as they first appeared...

Andrea, if I were any taller (4'11"), I wouldn't fit in my kitchen. Floor space is aprrox. 20 sq.ft. I bought a side-by-side fridge because the dishwasher & fridge couldn't be opened at the same time if I got the regular kind. Anything not on the lowest shelf of the cabinets is almost useless. I finally got a small stepstool no one else has swiped yet. So, for birthday/Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas, my hubby built me a new cabinet on the wall in the dining room. Eventually, after refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen, they will all look alike. He bought me a "work center" (hutch) on clearance from JCPenney, which is on the other wall of the dining room & now houses the dishes we use at the table. Things I used to need the stool to get to are now on lower shelves where plates used to be. Small appliances & bakeware are in the sideboard where I can reach them, too!

Cabinets will be painted white, backsplash will be white tongue&groove paneling (except for hammered tin over the stove) giving the whole place a look quite similar to the farmhouse my grandparents had in Montana.

I've been going between bowl games & CSI marathon. I love marathons.

I'd like a side-by-side fridge, or better yet, just a small one. I have no use for the giant hulking thing most Americans prefer, and I could use the extra counter space.

I must say I've become a CSI junkie, even CSI Miami, which always shows my home town in some sort of weird orange wash that makes it look like Gallifrey. I guess the producers want to differentiate the show from the pink-and-aqua legend Miami Vice, but I keep expecting the Doctor to show up in the lab just as they're cutting open what will prove to be an alien corpse! And then Horatio Caine will whip off his sunglasses and then unzip his forehead, revealing himself to be a Slitheen...

I haven't been drinking that much, honest.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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