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Christmas bleg

Argh. It's that time of year again, when I do my annual Christmas bleg. (Do I do an annual Christmas bleg? I don't remember. I probably do.) Anyway, it's the usual -- money short, jobs low (I have an interview Thursday, but who knows when this job actually starts much less if they will actually hire me), but offers are slow to trickle in. It must be the season. Did I tell you how much I hate the holidays?

Actual content coming up, maybe.

Oops, forgot to say: Paypal and Amazon tipjar links on the right, you know what to do. Don't let those lotto winnings and inheritance millions go to waste! Donate them to your favorite head charity case, me.

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Do you do technical writing?

Unfortunately, no. I thought of taking the course as a minor, back when I was still attempting to finish my degree, but all that stuff got put on the back burner when I lost my car and license.

I have considered going back to UCF and finishing my bachelor's, now that I am on the road again. But it's just in the "thinking of it" stage. I'm so far behind I'd probably have to take some classes over again. And I don't qualify for any more loans or grants. Etc.

Michael Lonie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Santa left you a little something at Paypal. Merry Christmas, or other holiday of your choice.

Thank you, Santa! It's Christmas for me...

Hey, AOG -- guess what I found online (courtesy of Kathy Shaidle). The only drawback is the cost (which I could scrape together I'm sure), and the fact that I don't do well in online courses due to congenital laziness. Well, I could always go back to Seminole Community College... Anyway, you've got me thinking.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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